I love looking for trivial, fragile things on surfaces and in installations, things of no consequence. I also love secretly describing the details of life, apparently rationally and politely, calming them with fake, false and unto -ordinated moethods, in short, letting the stupidity shine through.
My pictures look as if arranged randomly, but who can say my works aren't realistic? My chicken, which runs around uncontrolled all over the place dropping excrement everywhere likes mixing with classy society and joining in the fun. My footloose sister seems to have no relationship to a plane, but who cares whether she has a relationship with a plane or not? She gets out her suitcase and keeps rushing off to places, you'll find her footprints in the Gobi Desert, the savannah has felt her sweat, wild animals on the road keep causing her problems. She thrusts her chest forwards and her back- side upwards and carries our Chinese cabbage andmonkeys' bananas; perhaps tomorrow