about¡¶NewYorkParisZhumadian¡·--Hu Fang
I really had the urge to continue writing the story of  New York Paris Zhumadian after reaching the end of the piece:when the tertiary academic journey of the protagonist Hu Xiang comes to a close,and despite his wish to continue with the dream which he had created for his father all the way to the end,he is bound to enter into the rat race and class structure of commerce in the city.This could very well become the direct driving force foe the development of Chinese society-after all,the world is not all that far away in the dreams of Hu Xiang,and in fact seems to be right before his eyes.Duan Jianyu has managed how dreams about the world can be catalysed and developed even form the most mundane and ordinary scenarious of daily life.The work makes us embarrassed and feel like we are lacking,yet it touches our hearts deeply.The picture that is created form Hu Xiang¡¯s story is akin to romantic serenade about the ¡°investigation into the globalization of the vulgar¡±.It serves as a threshold for us to gaze into the ¡°global vular scene¡±,and forms a more profound relationship with her previous works such as Sister and Box.Ultimately,not only are we unable to escape.to escape,but we will have to concede to the vulgar poetry of this:this is perhaps one of the most bewildering pleasures of survival in our times
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