about¡¶NewYorkParisZhumadian¡·--Boat Zhang
In order to take care of his paralysed father.univwersity student Hu Xiang takes him in at his dormitory to live with him.in that narrow and confined space which is just like a pigeon house,he meticulously constructs an even more livable¡°world¡±for his father,himself,and a reality that is almost unbearable,such that the notion of ¡°elsewhere¡± is presented as perfect and enticing.this is akin to the plot in another novel where Marco Polo narrates tales of imaginary cities through countless nights and days to Kublai :it is precisely because whatever that is described cannot be seen,that is seems more affecting and evocative,as well as more approachable and near.It reminds me my own trvels,and themany cites that I had hastily flitted through at dawn and at twilight.The details of what had actually happened then could only reside in my unreliable memories,and reality had on the countrary become blurred and splintered,just like an illusion that can no longer be verified.Arrival itself may also prove to be a mistake-Paris is no longer Paris.New York,and fortunately,we have vet to visit Zhumadian.Of course,either my or your version of our stories could well be Rome Lhasa Ho Chi Minh,and no matter how unique our routes are,we will return to the same spot.The miniature maps the you clutch in your hands at his moment,or the casually sketched maps on discarded box that Jianyu or Hu Xiang or anyone else had created,these could perhaps lead the way to the invisible cities within our hearts.Although beings are conscious and lucid form the day they were born:that is just Utopia in our mind which can never be reached.however,we are always trying to set off with a heart full of delight and with no intention to abandon.
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