When vomiting, keep 45 degrees with the wind
For many visitors who visit the plateau for the first time, they will suffer from vomiting due to high altitude reaction. How to prevent from vomiting? There are too many article introducing the methods of the prevention, I woní»t go to details. But one thing I want to mention is that when you throw up, keep your manner, no matter how hard it is.
According to expertsí» research, it is better to keep 45 degrees with wind so that it is not embarrassing, but elegant and poetic.
And here is a poem as evidence.
When vomiting, keep 45 degrees with the wind                                                              Lu Yi
He put a clinched hand into pants pocket, as stiff
as a rock, a potato,
a plastic bag stick to the sole of his left shoe.
He shook several time, but in vain, bent over
He squatted to pull with his hand, noticing
It is an empty one.
On the bag, there was yellowish dirt
A chewing gum, his first response,
Raising his head, he found someone approaching
standing before him. Not caring his next reaction
stand up with head dropping, or squat looking up
His legs were numbed
He thought he could stand up? Could he still feel his knee?  Maybe the water on the ground will
flow to the ground under my fee. But if I stayed put
I knew, he was happy
reflected in the water lonely and deeply.
He responded with his whole body.
Maybe so. Under the same eave
gathered many people with the same destiny
some of them left
The mild wind changed the direction of the rain
falling on our faces and bodies slantways
absorbed by the clothes
Passengers under umbrella, and
non-stopping buses
moving in the rain, under the trees along the streets.
Holding the stainless steel road fence,
I looked down at a small pool of gathering water
Here is a small low area.
Floating on the water
several leaved got swelled and dark
and some minor things
Impossible to see clearly in a brief time, then
a breeze swept over the water
surface rippling
Until the rising part,
not affecting its existence thereafter
especially when I bent over
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