The deepest impression people get when they first come to the plateau is the silence at night. How can they pass the long night without the recreation in the city?
In fact, there are a lot of things to do at night on the plateau. Think it over, it will give you much pleasure when you do the simple things, for instance:
1.      Watching the sky. Every one coming to the plateau thinks he/she can see the whole galaxy. It makes one inebriated to come out of the tent, sit along the lake, enjoy the breeze, smell the grass, watch the stars over the sky so low to be reached;
2.      Singing with friends. Gather together around a campfire with your fiends, either sitting or standing, bring your voice to the top. You can separate a song into several parts, and sing with emotion in chorus, either high or low;
3.      Thinking silently: find a quiet place and sit down. You can think about your body, think about a poem you like, a person, a food and even about the education or children and the relationship between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law; and
4.      Making hand shadows: If you dont like to watch the sky or sing, you can sit around the tent and tell stories, or make hand shadows with the dim light. You can make the shadows of moving animals as shown below:
Picture A: Making all kinds of moving silhouettes in the tent
Picture B: Making the silhouette of an elephant in the tent
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