Plateau life guide:how to use wool shears
How to use wool shears
To use properly
 Do not twist the shares while using. If the shares are twisted like the clock hands as shown in Picture C, the two blades will get damaged by crunching each other. If they are twisted like the clock hands as indicated in Picture A, then there will be a gap between the two blades when shearing the wool. The proper method of application is shown in Picture B.
Any sharp tool will get blurt without proper maintenance. And this rule is applicable to the shears. After using, remove the mutton fat accumulated on the blades of the shears with a piece of cloth dipped with little oil, then grease them with rust proof oil. The rust and fat accumulated on the blades will shorten the life of the shears.
The shears are extremely sharp, if used improperly, they will injure you. Therefore, you must keep a safe distance from the shears either for using or storage (Picture 3). Make sure to wear goggles to protect your eyes (Picture 2).
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