plateau life guide:how to relax on the plateau
How to relax on the plateau
 Sister, night has come, I am in Delingha,
Sister, only me and the Gobi tonight.
                         --by Haizi
This poem by Haizi makes you sad.
We often feel strained and stressed in our daily life. How to relieve the anxiety and worry coming from work and family, and how to get yourself thoroughly relaxed on the plateau? 
As a matter of fact, there are many ways to relax yourself.  You can singe on top of your voice, run wildly, gallop on a horseback, gather mushrooms under the rainbow after rain, croon under the starry sky and you can follow my sister to:
a.      milk an ewe;
b.     help the ewe with a holiday (adapted from the performance art pictures by Moorman);
c.     let the bras and caps fly with the wind at the proper time; and
d.     tell a story to a lamb
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